We proudly give our customers peace of mind by taking away tension and easing muscle stiffnessand pains. lt has beenan incredible journey as we strive to provide our customers with the highest level of service. Showyourself some extra love with our skin care services! Stress, free radicals, sun damage, and manyother factors impact our skin. Find the right service in our list for your needs today, whether it's aacial, our professional Reflexology uses the foot as a map of the entire human body. Pressingspecific parts of the foot is believed to heal problems in unrelated and distant areas. Elation BeautySpa combines Chinese Qi meridian methodology, acupressure, and pressure point therapy into oneholistic massage.

Our Service


Signature Facial

The treatment includes full face, neck anddecollete.
You will feel pampered and refreshed with traditional European facia.


Feet & Hands

Relieve Stress, pressure and tension.
Improve blood circulation.

Therapeutic Massage

This customized therapeutic massage targets muscle and tension relief, promotes relaxation and enhances your total body wellness, leaving your mind, body, and spirit soothed and relaxed.